Welcome to St. Anthony School

It must never be forgotten that the subject of Christian education is the human, whole and entire, soul united to body in unity of nature…” -Pope Pius XI


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Beach Day Fun!
4K students on Beach Day
St. Anthony School 2017-18
4K - 5th Grade Students
Rosary with the students
Please join us Thursdays at 12:35pm
St. Anthony T-Bird Basketball Team
St. Anthony T-Bird Cheerleading Squad
Go T-Birds!

Our world is becoming increasingly complex, and educating a child sometimes may seem a daunting task. St. Anthony School, however, offers the perfect solution. Not only do we offer a Catholic based education, but we strive to educate the entire child; mind, body, heart, and spirit. It is clear that the early years of a child’s life are the most formative, and therefore the staff at St. Anthony takes their mission very seriously.

We embrace each child where they currently are at, and through lots of personal attention, help that child to grow to the best of their ability. Mixing tradition with modern technology, we have demonstrated great success in our 100 year history.

Please consider coming to St. Anthony for a visit, and you will see first hand how our school is truly a great place!